Murciaeconomy – TRABIS

 The factory in Yecla changed hands and has extended its construction activities to include “key in hand” supermarkets.

TRABIS Architectonic Prefabrication, now TRABIS Advanced Building, has doubled its billing and workforce after overcoming a crisis which caused the company to negotiate with its creditors and enter as part of the Baraka Group.

 This Yecla based company specializes in the design, construction and installation of prefabricated concrete for industrial and residential buildings. During the past months it is developing a large part of its activities in Madrid, where it has implemented a system of “key in hand” construction work for food supply establishments: plots of land already urbanized, with car parks and supermarket.

 TRABIS, which in 2007 had a business turnover of 8.6 million euros, dropped to 1.3 million in 2010; 4.4 million in 2012, now with the new owners, and 7.1 million euros in the last tax year, with a workforce of about 500.

We finished the assembly of the façade of the OAMI (Coordination of the Interior Market Offices) buildings in Alicante.

We have now started work on the building of the next shop of the multination Aldi chain, in



This is a “key in hand” project with both structure and walls in prefabricated concrete.

TRABIS enters the world of GP3 as sponsors of Carmen Jordá. We hope that all enthusiasts of the sport enjoy it to the full.

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