The project, entirely developed by TRABIS, is the result of our backing of the commercial sector, continuing with our consolidation as a company of reference in the construction of commercial “key in Hand” buildings.

The work is taking place on a plot of land of more than 7,000 m2and we foresee the finalization in October.

The new shop is situated in the Avenida Juan Carlos I, in front of the Nuestra Señora de Sonsoles Hospital.

The Building Division of TRABIS starts the work to improve the access to the Yecla plant.

This access improvement has started where the Prefabricated Concrete Division of TRABIS produces its prefabricated elements. With this improvement TRABIS hopes to optimize the accessibility of its facilities in Yecla while at the same time creating safer surroundings for the users of this hub of activity.

The logistic operator JJForwarder, with more than 20 years’ experience in the sector and a well-known respected company in the Murcia Region, has given the job of expanding its installations in the Industrial Estate “El Saladar” in Lorquí, to TRABIS.

The work will take place without the activity of JJForwarder suffering in any way. TRABIS is respected for the construction of “key in hand” projects ( the completed work) and the expansion of the JJForwarder installations is a new challenge in our professional trajectory.

We have been allocated the complete “key in hand” building, for the JUMSAL industry/mining company, which consists in the refurbishment and construction of various industrial units on its installations.

 This was a complex operation as the company’s activity didn’t stop during the work. It consisted in the partial or total demolition of some of the installations, including the dismantling and special attention of certain elements such as the fibrocement roofing. The work took place in a number of phases and this video shows the halfway point of the work, where you can see the development of some of the dismantling and assembly work of the roofing or of some substructures. Structures in steel and also in concrete have been combined which shows the capacity of TRABIS Construction of giving the best solution to the clients’ problems.

Bricomart with TRABIS concrete structure.

Bricomart, a new challenge overcome by the Prefabricated Concrete Division of TRABIS Advanced Building.

All the structure and walls were made and installed by TRABIS. Our sincere congratulations to the Bricomart family.

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