We start the construction of a new Aldi Shop in Sarriguren, PAMPLONA.

The work will take place on a plot of land on which another activity had developed which means that the existing building will have to be demolished.

With this new project, TRABIS Advanced Building demonstrates its capacity for looking after its clients’ needs wherever and whenever needed, always offering the same quality and service.

Last week, we handed over the first premises, completely finished, to the Orenes group. The project has been executed in two months of intense work and has been very successfully finished.

It has been an integral modification, including all the installations of all the premises, with a high level both in design and using very high quality materials.

We invite you to visit our web site where under the heading “projects” you can see photographs of the work done, and where you can also see the original state of the premises before our work.

TRABIS Advanced Building has been given the job of refurbishing the mythical Rincón de Pepe

Hotel in Murcia. The work will begin immediately so that in September it will be completed.

The refurbishment work will be centred on all the ground floor level and access. Modern design and the use of exceptionally high standard materials will be the main characteristics of the work to be done.


We start the refurbishment of a 7 story building by the main artery in Murcia.

The building for refurbishment has a load bearing wall structure. Our work will be divided into well-defined areas: the floors dedicated to office space and those to commercial activity. The ground floor and mezzanine will be connected by a service lift and escalator. This adaptation will require the demolition of part of the structure and its strengthening using steel materials.

TRABIS advertising spot.

We have produced in TRABIS an advertising spot which you can see our web section of TRABIS T.V.

This spot has been prepared by 7TV, a private digital TV channel of the Region of Murcia because of our sponsorship of the weather report included in the evening news of the aforementioned TV channel.

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