On Saturday the 5th March 2016, TRABIS Advanced Building was awarded an Honourable Mention in the PREVER Prizes 2015.


These international prizes recognize the magnificent results that TRABIS has shown in the area of industrial hazard risks and its constant efforts in this field.

The General board of Labour Relations and Studies, (CGRICT), conscious of the importance of the risks involved in Industrial Relations, introduced an honours prize which they called “PREVER” which in Spanish means “foresee”. This is a word part of a Spanish proverb: it is better to see what hasn’t happened than to fight over was has happened already. Thanks to the collaboration of the General Authorities of the different Spanish Regions responsible for the Prevention of Labour Risks, the National Institute of Safety and Hygiene at Work, the Foundation for the Prevention of Labour Risks, the National Commission of Safety and Health at Work and the AIS and the OISS, year after year, have transformed the prize into a model to follow within the prevention of labour risk at both national and International levels.

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