In TRABIS we are aware of the enormous responsibility that we have in the daily growth of our activity, even more if possible due to the special relevance of the sector in which we perform.
One of our priorities in the environmental field is the strengthening of the coexistence and the shared prosperity of all the regions in which we work. We are committed to the prevention of environmental contamination making good use of the resources that we have at our disposal and contributing to the adequate treatment of these resources with the aim of protecting and promoting the environment so that future generations can live and flourish in optimum surroundings.
As a responsible company, we permanently evaluate the impact of our activity in the environment we find ourselves in, which is the best way of showing our commitment with the present generation and those of the future, at the same time raising awareness in our surroundings with the example we set..
As a reflection of this, TRABIS is, and has been since its origin, a company with the ISO14001 (International Standardisation Organization 14001) conceded by AENOR (Spanish Organization for Standardization and Certification).
Trabis - RSC
However the commitment that TRABIS assumes goes much further than the environmental policies. In this sense, we are committed socially to people and for this reason we have been and are collaborating with certain non-profit making organizations and foundations, and through these we try to help with direct specific action the most disadvantaged sectors of the population.

We are demanding of ourselves and also of our suppliers and for this reason stress the relationship that we have with these, in the importance of development of active policies regarding RSC valuing positively their effective growth and development.
But the bastion in the field of corporate social responsibility of TRABIS is the responsible and supportive awareness of each end every one of our employees and the development of TRABIS would not be possible without their permanent attitude concerning improvement.  

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