This is, without doubt, the main goal that TRABIS always has in mind, both the quality of the product and the quality of the service which we offer our clients.

Quality of the product

We in TRABIS have always had in our minds offering our clients the best product on the market.

Both in the Complete “key in hand” Building Division and in the Prefabricated Concrete for Construction, we work daily with the object in mind of satisfying our clients. TRABIS is conscious that for this reason, that it has to offer a product of excellent quality which satisfies the highest expectations.

Quality is seen from a double viewpoint: quality in the raw materials and quality in the work process. We have implanted a meticulous system in the selection of our suppliers, in the analysis of the raw materials which we use in our productive process, an advanced system of traceability and a refined work process which allows us to guarantee our products.

We have our own laboratory which allows us to analyse, during all of the process of production, the work undertaken in the different phases.

A very strong multidisciplinary team with a great deal of experience means that we get the very best results in the work executed. Among the professionals that form part of TRABIS we have the following: Civil Engineers, Public Works Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Highway Engineers, Canals and Port engineers, Draughtsmen, etc.

TRABIS = quality

Service Quality

In TRABIS we throw ourselves into satisfying our clients offering the High Quality Construction which we adapt to their needs following the project drawn up by the draughtsman and following the orders of the project management team. Our attitude in the presence of our clients and their collaborators is one of humbleness, providing them with all our knowledge as a construction company, resolving, explaining and proposing ideas which could help in optimizing the projected construction. We understand our relationship with our clients as one of Sincerity, as a loyal Collaborator, totally Committed to the project and ready to offer the maximum of ourselves (Devotion) in order to complete successfully the proposed goal (Efficiency).

TRABIS is synonym of guarantee and this we have been demonstrating throughout our professional trajectory.

We are all these things thanks to our capacity for developing complex buildings which are put to a great variety of uses: Industrial, Commercial, Food Processing, Logistics and Residential, all delivered within the established schedules and with very high quality finishing touches, exactly what we were asked for by our clients. This guarantee can also be seen in our solvency as a company and as a group.

We will always be at your side.

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