In TRABIS we understand that the added value of our product and service lies in the direct control that we exert in all the productive process which is included in the execution of the construction of a building.
With this idea in mind and in order to fulfill its objectives, in TRABIS we have a specialized division of Technologically Advanced Prefabricated Concrete for Construction.
Technically Advanced Prefabricated Concrete has become the basic element used in the construction of building for use in Logistics, Industry, Food supply and Commerce, but is also being used more and more often, and taking giant steps into the residential building field.
In this area, we work on the design, manufacture and assembly of prefabricated concrete structures for use in the building industry in accordance with the specifications of our clients.
We have the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificates 9001 and 14001 and all our products have the E.C. mark of approval.
Our product is that of the highest quality in the National market which is the result of the following: lthe best raw materials, the most advanced machinery and our work processing.

Our main objective is the clients’ satisfaction and for this reason we have to offer a close working relationship which can resolve any query, necessity or doubt that our client informs us of.
TRABIS’S facilities are the most modern installations for the industrial production of prefabricated concrete elements in Europe. All this is due to the meticulous choice of the most prestigious machine makers in the world (Italy, Germany and Finland). Our present facilities have been envisaged in order to obtain high productivity, quality and efficiency.
We have our own laboratory and analyze our products from the finished product down to the raw materials used in the production, ensuring that they comply with our high standards and those of our clients. These standards are always superior to those required by law.
But all the above has to be seen and felt for our productive process to be appreciated. For this reason we always insist on the importance of our clients seeing for themselves what we do. In this way, they will have a true image of what we do and how we do it, and they will have a valid opinion of how we are different from the rest of our competitors.

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