In Trabis, we have a clear idea of a building indicated by the different components of which the construction is composed, but we understand it as parts of a whole which are destined to play a role established by the client himself and the specialist in charge.
The correct execution of each part of the construction or areas, from which it is made up, is of vital importance, as failure in the execution of only one of these parts could put an end to the functionality of the projected building, in the process causing incalculable loss for its promoter.
For this reason, for a long time, in TRABIS we have understood that the only way of guaranteeing correctly executed workmanship, was to know in depth each one of the areas and specialities which make up a building project. We have understood that working with highly qualified and experienced professionals, we are able to guarantee the execution of projects where we can commit ourselves regarding quality, time schedule and cost.
For this reason, we have at our disposal specialists in every facet or specialty. For example: Industrial Engineers, Civil Engineers, Highway Engineers, Public Works Engineers, Architects and Draughtsmen, etc.
TRABIS carries out the building to the end (“key in hand”) on behalf of the client, encompassing all the facets which make up a complete construction, such as:


Earth moving





Walls and bonding .


Air conditioning.





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Throughout our trajectory, we have undertaken building projects of many different natures due to the end use of the same. This is why we have undertaken projects:



Food processing plants



Civil work: tanks, walls,
housing estates, drainage channels etc.

All these examples provide TRABIS with Technical Solvency on a large scale when it comes to executing projects.
TRABIS is synonym of guarantee, which at the same time generates
confidence in our clients. This guarantee is made up of two parts: one we have already mentioned which we called Technical Solvency and the other is TRABIS’S Financial Solvency, and that of the group of which it is part. Building, or construction, as you wish to call it, is characterized, in general, by the need to provide important economical effort and sacrifice, not only by the promoter but also the company that does the work.
With TRABIS, our clients have the peace of mind of being in the hands of a company solvent in every way and with the necessary economic capacity needed to culminate all the projects it starts, and, what is even more important, comply with the demand of our clients.
TRABIS is aware that it cannot transfer this effort to its suppliers as this would be to the expense of the quality of the product and the service that they provide us with. For this reason, TRABIS, as the solvent company that it is, and as one of the very few that counts on the complete confidence of the banking system, has fixed payment procedures for its suppliers which guarantees them immediate payment for their services.
For these reasons, TRABIS Advanced Building is in a position to guarantee its clients the correct execution of the work contracted not only during the building process but for many years after as our guarantee is synonym of durability and functionality.

trabis edificación avanzada

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